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Edge Condos, Milwaukee

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  • 1 BR from $149,900
  • 1 BR + Den from $199,900
  • 2 BR from $249,900

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1902 N. Commerce St., #105
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 659-4411
Jean M. Stefaniak

Mon, Tues & Fri: 12 - 3 pm
Sat & Sun: 12 - 4 pm
and by appointment

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FHA approval

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The Edge is FHA Approved

FHA Approved!The Edge is the only NEW downtown Milwaukee condo building which is FHA-approved. Qualifying buyers need only a 3.5% down payment to purchase their new home!!!**

Benefits of FHA Approval

  • Down payment and closing costs can be gifted—borrower does not need any of their own funds
  • If student loans are deferred for 12 months, we don't need to count a payment
  • Spousal support can be subtracted from income before calculating income rather than treating it as a debt
  • A borrower can purchase after a Chapter 7 has been discharged for over 2 years
  • A borrower can purchase while in the midst of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if they have made on-time payments for 12 months and have permission from the bankruptcy court
  • Someone without any income can purchase with a cosigner (and can still use the CityLiving program)

First Time Buyers Receive up to a $16,000 Credit - ends September 30!

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  • $8,000 First Time Buyer Tax Credit*
  • Plus $8,000 Matching Credit** from The Edge
  • TOTAL: $16,000!

Don't wait... Matching offer ends September 30, 2009!

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A new federal home buying incentive has made it easier than ever to become an homeowner by giving first-time buyers a tax credit of up to $8,000*. And The Edge will match it!

With a tax credit, you subtract the credit amount from your total income tax owed. So if you owe $1,500 and you qualify for the credit, you would end up getting a $6,500 refund. Like an interest free loan the tax credit is then repaid in equal installments over 15 years.

* Consult your tax advisors for details regarding income limits and other conditions for the federal housing tax credit.
** This is not an offer for specific FHA financing terms. Qualification and terms may vary. Please consult your lender for details.

Now is the perfect time to buy at The Edge.