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Milwaukee, WI 53212
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‘LGBT Pioneers’ call Milwaukee Home

Source: Queer Life
by Alison Glendale
October 17, 2006

Since when, has Milwaukee been a condo town? How did that happen? How is it that the land of beer and cheese, and smokestacks suddenly became this chic cool place to reside? Just who is buying up all these condos?

Well, apparently the answer many be us.

According to the folks at Tandem Developers – LGBT folks are high on their list of new condo buyers. This fall, Tandem Developers will break ground on the new Edge Condos, a 133 unit 6 story development in the Beerline neighborhood just north of downtown. When you see it, you’ll know why it’s also one of the most exciting, and urban-chic spots to hit town in a long time.

Recently, I visited The Edge Condo’s sales office on 1890 N. Commerce St, and chatted with Jean Stefaniak and Tandem Developers about this innovative addition to Milwaukee’s landscape.

QL: This is a great sales office. Can I move in here?

JS: Thank you! This is one of the best sales centers I’ve been in. The model of The Edge Condos (just inside the lobby) is amazing here, the buyers get a great visual of what their new home will look like, and we are right there with them through the entire selection process.

QL: It seems like Milwaukee is just building and building downtown. How do you get an edge (excuse the pun) over the many other condo developments?

TD: The Edge stands apart because of its contemporary design, and lifestyle oriented amenities. It is simply different and unique. The location is set against the natural beauty of the bluff of Kilbourn Park and the Milwaukee River. There’s a tranquil, residential feel, yet we’re connected to all the excitement that the city has to offer.

JS: Plus, homeowners will be able to enjoy the new Marsupial Pedestrian Bridge, which connects to Brady and Water Streets.

QL: And the interiors?

TD: Natural light! The finishes will be clean and natural, including granite counters, bamboo flooring, and stainless steel appliances, Grohe fixtures, ceramic tile, and energy efficient central hot water systems.

QL: Do you think the LGBT market is more responsive to this type of design?

TD: I think they are open minded to design that departs from tradition. In many of our projects, the LGBT community has played an important role in helping to revitalize neighborhoods. Our company is actively building new communities in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. In every location, the LGBT community is an important group of our homebuyers. The Edge offers an alternative to the more traditional condo developments here, and I imagine that the LGBT community would appreciate the difference.

QL: Tell me, how are sales?

JS: We opened in March, and have already sold 40% of the units! The ground breaking will be this fall, and we are expecting to be complete by the end of 2007.

QL: Finally, why Milwaukee?

TD: Why not? We believe that Milwaukee is an exciting and vibrant place to live and work. It has incredible cultural heritage, world class architecture, restaurants, entertainment, and employment opportunities. The Beerline neighborhood is the perfect setting because it represents a new wave of design in Milwaukee. In many cases, we have seen that LGBT buyers are the urban pioneers that help to spark the revitalization of whole neighborhoods because they value downtown living, and are often the first to move in.

JS: To me, and I really feel this way, The Edge is one of the coolest designs in the city, and it’s at one of the best prices, with great views. It’s a great addition to Milwaukee.

If you are in the market for a new home, you should visit The Edge Condos sales center. With the innovative and contemporary design of The Edge, the “New Milwaukee” is not so far away.